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    "Our business is managing perception, Our Service is strategic imagination, Our Passion is brand identity"
    The Teamwork consist of professionals in various disciplines collaborate in communication with high respect. We commit to collaborate in teamwork philosophy both internally to deliver top-notch result in brand communication. Bar none.
    Our Belief
    We belief in the current of ideas, the current that allows us to trade the Brand with the hearth of consumers.
    To let the idea dialogues with its consumers, interacts, activates and engages the Brand as well as to make the consumers become the Brand believers.
    We create ideas thet can be implemented creatively using the right ideas that give only the best result for both raising awareness as well as increasing amount of sales.
    Our Service
    • Brand building strategy
    • Intergrated marketing communications strategy
    • Creative concept and production
    • Media Planning and placement

    • Lulusan Sarjana S1 Jurusan Manajemen SDM, Psikologi, Hukum
    • Usia minimal 27 tahun
    • Good Looking
    • Pengalaman ± 3 tahun di bidang HRD Manufaktur / kontraktor
    • Mempunyai jiwa leadership, tegas, cekatan dan mampu membuat laporan dengan baik
    • Mampu melakukan seluruh proses rekrutmen mulai dari sourcing kandidat, psikotes dan interview sesuai kebutuhan perusahaan 
    • Mampu melakukan proses training, couching dan rekrutment
    • Mampu melakukan penilaian pekerjaan secara objektif dan terukur
    • Mampu berkomunikasi dengan baik dan bekerja dengan target
    • Diutamakan domisili Sidoarjo

    Our Values
    Equality and Fairness
    We are aware that each type of client is different, yet should be trated the same whether their brands are market leader or off springs.
    Geographic Understanding
    We are roted in East Java in east our core expertise in media penetration, Our strong confident in undertsanding East Java market would give your Brand a smart penetration in this fast growing market.
    Yet, we are also experienced in spreading the communication across the nation from Aceh to Papua.
    We always welcome the brands with any condition of budget. Treatment of effective and efficient campaign cost is also applied for a constraint budget campaign.
    Our solution oriented service would be beneficial guaranteed for the brand.

    Jalan Raya Suko, Nomor 8A, Cemengkalang, Sidoarjo

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